We support people,
who experience discrimination.

With our counseling, we offer quick and professional help. We provide an initial assessment with regard to the General Equal Treatment Act and show possible courses of action.

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We advise...

free of charge.
Our advice is always free of charge and without obligation.
Consultations take place in a protected atmosphere and are treated confidentially.
No personal data can be collected from the case.
independent from authorities.
We work without the influence of e.g. police or courts.
We only support the perspective and interest of the person seeking advice.
We do not do anything you do not want.
In case of communication difficulties we organize interpreters.
on site and online.
We offer personal and telephone consultation and advice by e-mail or video chat.

How we help

Discrimination happens every day and it hurts. But to be able to counteract discrimination, it is important to address it.

We offer a safe space to talk about experiences of discrimination and inform you about your rights. We advise both those seeking advice and those indirectly affected, such as relatives, friends or witnesses, and work with you to develop a strategy for taking action. We will also gladly inform you about other contact persons and refer you to them.

Our consultation always takes place by appointment.

We are on your side!

The illustration shows two people from different ethnic backgrounds behind different colorful and geometric shapes. One person is describing an event and the other person is taking notes. A counseling scenario is depicted.

What we offer

Our counselling is always individually adapted to the concerns of the person seeking advice. The following offers and measures are possibilities, which may vary depending on the case and agreement:

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Psychosocial counselling.

Together with the person seeking counselling, we analyse the current situation and support them in emotionally processing what they have experienced.

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Referral to further counselling centres.

We have a broad network and are happy to refer people to suitable services and complementary counselling centres.

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We want to support those seeking advice in empowering themselves. To this end, we provide methods for self-empowerment and strengthening for those affected.

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A protected space to talk about the experience.

In our counselling, people seeking advice are given the space to talk about their experiences of discrimination. We listen and take the experience of the person seeking advice seriously.

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Research, information and analysis of the discrimination case.

We analyse the situation and classify it together with the person seeking advice. If necessary, we research further information and provide a well-founded assessment.

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Development of an individual strategy for action.

Depending on the case, this may include writing a letter of complaint and requesting a statement, accompaniment to mediation talks or information on the case of a complaint under the General Equal Treatment Act.

What should I do if I was discriminated against?

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Keep calm and do not let yourself be provoked!

Acts of discrimination are hurtful and humiliating. Nevertheless try to remain calm and do not let yourself be provoked!

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Talk to witnesses!

If other people noticed the act of discrimination, you should speak to them and ask them if they would be prepared to be witnesses. Write down their contact details (names, addresses, telephone numbers). The statements made by witnesses are often the most important pieces of evidence in a court of law.

Icon representing a notepad and a pen.

Write everything down!

Write down the details of the incident from memory. Include everything which you can remember. If other people were with you, ask them to write such a report too. In this way you will also be able to remember the details more easily and be able to describe what occurred without contradictions and gaps. In court cases that can be very important because the opposite party often tries to present a totally different picture. You must then convince the court that the incident took place as you said it did.

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Keep any evidence you have!

keep all evidence in a safe place: letters, documents, emails, screenshots from your computer or mobile phone, itemized bills for your telephone calls etc. All these things can help you later to get justice.

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Contact a counselling centre quickly!

Contact a counselling centre and do not waste time. The General Equal Treatment Act provides for a two-month deadline. After this deadline it will be much harder for you to obtain justice. Even if you do not want to take the case to court, the counselling centre can still help you.

Source: ADNB (Antidiskriminierungsnetzwerk Berlin)

Report discrimination

With this online form you have the possibility to report your case to the Anti-Discrimination Office in Karlsruhe:

Incident information

Share with us any information you can remember. As detailed as possible.

Who is affected?

Time and place information

Tell us when and where the discrimination took place

Type of discrimination

Name one or more grounds of discrimination and the area of life it affects.

Why were you discriminated against? (Multiple answers possible)
In which area did the discrimination take place? (Multiple answers possible)

Contact us

Let us know how we can help you and leave your contact information.

Wie können wir Ihnen helfen?


We inform about your rights.

With our consulting services, we offer fast and professional help. We provide an initial assessment with regard to the General Equal Treatment Act and show possible courses of action.

Get in touch with us!

You have been discriminated against or have another concern? You can reach us by phone, email or via our contact form.

Postal address:
Moltkestraße 20,
76133 Karlsruhe

Phone number
+49 (0) 721 383 119 32

Access to the premises and the rooms of the ADS Karlsruhe are barrier-free. There is a barrier-free toilet.

You just want to report a case? This is also possible anonymously.

Contact form


By sending the form, the data entered will be stored by us for the purpose of processing the request. We do not pass on this data in any case. More info in our privacy policy.

Who we are & what we do

The Antidiskriminierungsstelle Karlsruhe is located at the Stadtjugendausschuss e.V. and thus in an independent sponsorship, which enables independent action. We are therefore not an authority.

Our work focuses on counseling, education, empowerment and networking.

With our counseling we want to support people who experience discrimination. Our counseling is free of charge. We provide advice under the General Equal Treatment Act and also on other grounds of discrimination that are not in the law but are nonetheless discriminatory. Counseling is available at any time by appointment.

In addition to counseling, we organize workshops and empowerment offers to sensitize and strengthen people.

Furthermore, we try to build and maintain a broad network in order to cooperate with a wide variety of partners.

a gray circle, exchanging ideas and jointly developing a solution strategy.